Back Home.

I’ve sweat more in the last two hours than the last two months combined. But I’m home. I got the scooter tuned up, topped up my Thai cell phone, got an hour of back massage and bought all the fruit I could carry. Cam is reunited with the neighbor’s dog so she is happy as can be. Tory is extending the travel with a work trip he left on immediately after our arrival so we are looking forward to settling in all together later this week.

Although I’m glad to be back, not everything feels comfortable right now. There’s the culture shock, the climate contrast, and the fact that we’re moving into a new house that we’re sharing with a lot of ants, a few frogs and the occasional cockroach. Probably the worst part is that the wifi isn’t working consistently since that usually distracts me from everything else. First-world problems in a third-world country. With that perspective, it really is good to be back.


Aside from getting back to work, settling in and finding a new normal is the priority right now. For more than two months, our lives have been moving from once place to the next, re-establishing a routine just in time to move on. 

Here’s the outline of the schedule we kept for the nine weeks we traveled.

As you can see, we moved around more than we should have – but you don’t know what you don’t know. Nanaimo was the longest stretch where we spent the most amount of time that was pre-booked, but ended up realizing pretty quickly we weren’t interested in living there anytime soon. We also had family and friends visiting more time that not, which was an amazing way to spend our travel time even if it added to the bustle and inconsistency of life (thank you all for your willingness to join us, host us, and spend quality time with us!). We filled the gaps in our itinerary pretty quickly along the way and ended up packing things in because of great leads by new friends. We wanted to fit in as much as we could even though we knew it would cost us in terms of stress and sanity with a growing (and sometimes teething) baby.

The stand-out part of our trip was all the people we met along the way, the hospitality of strangers, the beautiful way our experiences strung together and the wonderful communities we ended up finding by word of mouth. We definitely have much to consider and unpack – figuratively and literally.


We have never really traveled in the way we did over the past two months and looking back, we are so glad to have had the experience. There is something about uprooting everything that draws out surprising new angles of who we are that might lay dormant when we are in our comfort zones or routines. At the very least we learned that flexibility is a skill that can be practiced and honed. Our first couple of moves felt stressful and cumbersome, but by the last series of rapid moves, it felt like we could be up for just about anything. British Columbia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We will definitely leave the door open to head back there at some point, but for now, we are trying to focus on being present here in Thailand.

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