Our Journey

We’re a family of four who recently moved to the mountains of North Carolina. We aren’t particularly radical or special, though we are passionate and privileged. We started our life together at the peak of the recession with a mountain of student debt that united us against a common enemy – and in 2015 we paid off the last of it and moved to Thailand. 

It was a magical and terrible adventure. It was there that we had two kids who are now along for the ride, and our first taste of living in community. It was also there that Rachel had a brain hemorrhage from a birth defect we never knew about.

We’re grateful Rachel can walk, talk, and enjoy life, since any level of functioning was so unlikely. Watch that story here:

We took on a lot of trauma that we’re still unwinding from, but this feels like a good place to do it.

We know that resetting won’t be easy or fast but we feel tentatively ready to engage the world again. If our attempt to reconnect with real things interests you, follow our journey in North Carolina and beyond.