Outsourcing Pollution

It was a surreal moment: we were driving through fresh Canadian air surrounded by fog and century-old evergreens when we flipped on the radio just in time to catch this interview with Dr. Steven Davis, sharing the tough findings of his research on how consumption in the West actually results in the premature deaths of people in Asia and other global manufacturing hubs. This is real.

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Is Scouting Just Judgment in Disguise?

I spent the morning listening to a talk given by Franciscan friar, Richard Rohr. He eloquently explains that we are the product of hundreds of years of conditioning that teaches us to judge EVERYTHING based on “all or nothing” patterns of thought: I am right, you are wrong. We are in, they are out. This is truth, those are lies. The problem, Rohr explains, Continue reading “Is Scouting Just Judgment in Disguise?”

Sorry Nanaimo, it’s not you it’s me

We’re halfway through our slow road trip across the west coast of Canada’s big island and it’s time for a little expectation adjustment. Everyone I’ve talked to over the last few weeks tells me it’s unseasonably cold in British Columbia this spring. We wanted to get a little insight into what the off-season might be like just so we’d have a realistic picture of life in the region if we moved here but we might be scaring ourselves off in the process! Continue reading “Sorry Nanaimo, it’s not you it’s me”

Finding Real Things: OUR Ecovillage

Our first venture on the island outside the charming city of Victoria was to OUR Ecovillage, 45 minutes north. We somehow got our wires crossed and thought the tour was at noon, so we planned to check out of our tiny house Saturday morning and head to the tour immediately after. At quarter to 9 that day, I looked it up again and realized the tour was actually at 10am. The benefits of a tiny house became apparent immediately as we started throwing packing our bags – there wasn’t that much room to spread out so packing was simplified. Still, we pulled up twenty-five minutes late to the tour and thankfully they let us just walk in and introduce ourselves since the large group that day was just wrapping up introductions. We walked in right behind a couple who missed the first ferry from Gabriola island – over lunch we got along so well that that we plan to meet up with them and see their place next week. Continue reading “Finding Real Things: OUR Ecovillage”