Finding Real Things: OUR Ecovillage

Our first venture on the island outside the charming city of Victoria was to OUR Ecovillage, 45 minutes north. We somehow got our wires crossed and thought the tour was at noon, so we planned to check out of our tiny house Saturday morning and head to the tour immediately after. At quarter to 9 that day, I looked it up again and realized the tour was actually at 10am. The benefits of a tiny house became apparent immediately as we started throwing packing our bags – there wasn’t that much room to spread out so packing was simplified. Still, we pulled up twenty-five minutes late to the tour and thankfully they let us just walk in and introduce ourselves since the large group that day was just wrapping up introductions. We walked in right behind a couple who missed the first ferry from Gabriola island – over lunch we got along so well that that we plan to meet up with them and see their place next week.

But first – OUR Ecovillage! There have been many videos and articles crafted on OUR Ecovillage because it is an international destination for permaculture education. Here’s one of them:

We basically got to see all their experiments and hear about their history of advocacy and integration to the land and community. Beautiful things going on there.


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