We are all on this beautiful, broken planet together and we believe that everyone is searching for the way they can bring restoration to the world.

For someone who came from a difficult home, restoration may be raising a child in a stable, loving environment.
For someone who grew up with a lot of wealth, that may be working on ethical investing.
For someone with artistic vision that may be creating art, or mentoring youth.
For someone who has experienced loss, that may be helping other people through the same thing.
There are people in the world working towards peacemaking, nationally and globally. There are people working on cures for diseases, people living beautiful lives despite living with diseases, advocates working for equality and so on.

Even though we can only do so much with limited time and skills, we are grateful that there is such a beautiful diversity of experience of people adding their small puzzle pieces that add up to real momentum.

This is our messy journey. Our life experiences have lead us to the point where we are ready to make changes in our relationship with the earth. We hope to chime into a growing chorus of voices who want to find a new normal and change what it means to live as global citizens on a vulnerable planet.

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On the blog, read about things we’re excited about, other success stories from across the globe, and our personal failures and triumphs as we experiment and move ever slightly closer to a sustainable life on a personal and planetary level.

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About Us

We recently became a family of three and are currently based in the foothills of northern Thailand. We aren’t particularly radical or special, though we are passionate and privileged. We started our life together at the peak of the recession with a mountain of student debt, a house, and two cars – and in 2015 we paid off or sold the last of it and moved to Thailand.

From this vantage point as expats far from home we’ve been watching the world shift – in both positive and negative ways. We feel increasingly pulled to join the growing voices of people in action around the world – from subsistence farmers in the hilltribes of Northern Thailand to urban gardeners and eco-communities in small town US and Canada, who are leading the hunt for meaning and restoration in an abstract and hurting world.

We are inspired by friends and peers who are changing their paradigms and recreating a new normal in a consumptive society that is discontent at best and devastating communities and the environment at worst.

We know that resetting won’t be easy or fast and want to journal the progression so we can learn from our mistakes and see how much we’ve grown. If our attempt to reconnect with real things interests you, follow our experiments in Thailand and beyond.

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Let’s connect a web of stories of change across the world. We’re interested in hearing and sharing your stories of systemic change and positivity. Connect with us on facebook, instagram, or send us a message.