Backyard Chickens: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

For us, pregnancy was a gestation phase not only for our little girl but for a new way of life.

We got pregnant three months after moving to Thailand and the move was predicated by years of working full time and striving to get debt-free. We intended to slow down once we arrived, but found ourselves caught up in the swing of cultural adjustment, Thai language learning, and monthly excursions to remote parts of Thailand to shoot for my work. Pregnancy forced us to slow down a little and we started taking time to reflect on the kind of life we wanted to to bring our baby into.

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Let’s Move to the Country

Ever since we moved abroad, life has been a grand experiment. I know that we are incredibly privileged to play with life this way. We’ve realized that this is a very unique time in our lives and possibly the hardest all at once. Days are stimulating in ways that they simply aren’t if you’re in your native culture. I completely underestimated how challenging it would be at times to live in a country where the language, customs, and daily habits are not natural for me. Simple things are huge accomplishments, like communicating over the phone, catching one of the red taxis or finding natural laundry soap. Continue reading “Let’s Move to the Country”

Questioning Convenience

Incredibly, it’s been a year and a half since we arrived in Chiang Mai with our two suitcases and a boatload of expectations and dreams.

Many of our hopes have been realized, many of our expectations were completely off-base – in some ways due to the fact that Chiang Mai has changed over the 7 years since I was here last, and in more ways, because I’ve changed since I lived here as a college student. Living here independently from school, as a married couple that has been impacted by years of living “adult” lives in the US system, and then becoming a young family – makes our actual experience of this place different than what I’d imagined – different in ways that I could not have planned for when we were trying to imagine our lives here.

One thing I’ve realized living in Thailand over this year is that America is distinguishably convenient. Continue reading “Questioning Convenience”